Bart Ehrman corrects atheist radio host: no serious historian says Jesus didn’t exist

By Ruppert

In what is possibly one of the most hilarious clips on YouTube, an atheist radio host gets a brief lesson in history by Bart Ehrman, a non-Christian scholar who has some quite absurd and untenable ideas about the Bible.

While Ehrman’s view of the Bible is not correct, Ehrman is not nearly ignorant enough to deny the historical reality of Jesus Christ.

Indeed, as you will see in the below clip, he quickly points out that there is not a single serious historian who denies that he existed.

In this conversation between John Lennox and Richard Dawkins, Lennox brings up a claim made in one of Dawkins’ books that is similar to that made by the atheist in this clip.

Dawkins is seemingly embarrassed by the fact that Lennox couldn’t find a single historian to back up the claim and instead opts to concede the point later in the conversation.

It is quite interesting that while Dawkins claimed he had spoken to a historian who rejects that Jesus actually existed, he failed to mention the historian by name.

Further, he failed to note where the historian holds a professorship and what peer-reviewed journals the mysterious historian’s ideas have been published in.

Keep in mind, there are some who call themselves historians who claim that Jesus never existed, but they do not hold chairs at major universities nor do they get their ideas published in peer-reviewed journals.

Why is this? Because the preponderance of evidence shows that Jesus did, in fact, exist and that is why all serious historians — Christian and non-Christian alike — recognize this fact.